Guest Blog - Proms in the Park

A few weeks  ago I had a request to help publicise a family event in Norton Lindsey which will be raising money for local charities and to rebuild the village hall.  As this is exactly the sort of local event that I love to promote on my website I was keen to help.  I looked at the publicity information that he sent me and saw that it was organised by the Norton Lindsey Stilton Sniffers.  Naturally, I was curious to find out more, and this is what I discovered...

On News Years Day 1983, a small group of villagers out walking their dogs, conceived the idea of forming a small fellowship to meet regularly and do a bit of good for the local community. The inaugural meeting was held that day and, as it happened, a mouldy Stilton and a bottle of port were available from the night before. It was proposed to form a Club whose main purpose would be the pursuit of merriment and camaraderie whilst doing a bit of good and it was felt there should be a responsible, charitable, side to it in order to sustain it and stop it from becoming a short-lived wonder.  The club became known as The Norton Lindsey Stilton Sniffers.  

32 years later The Sniffers are still going strong and to date have raised over £124,000 for local charities, and the trademark of port-drinking and Stilton cheese consuming has been be retained!

They hold 3 or 4 events each year and at the end of the year in mid December a Carol Night is held at the New Inn which gets all of the village together. Their Next event is Proms in the Park to be held at Norton Lindsey Village Hall fields on the 12th September from 5.00pm onwards with the Last Night of the Proms being screened at 9.30pm.

The function will be great for all families and children,  with a couple of sessions coming from The Playbox Theatre also a great Sixties Band. You can bring your own picnic if you wish along with blankets and chairs. There will also be a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs for sale.

Tickets (which are available from members of The Sniffers - see the event listing for details) are cheaper if ordered before the event but will also be available at the gate at a higher price.

For more information about The Norton Lindsey Stilton Sniffers and the events that they organise please visit their website at