Fun For Free This Week

Whilst I’m sure we all agree that the school holidays are great, the long break can become very expensive.  So, to help our pennies go a little bit further, throughout the summer I’m publishing a weekly round-up of events that you and your children can enjoy for no cost during the week.

Welcome to ‘Fun For Free This Week’...

17 – 23 August

17th - Rugby Spectacular at The RSC and Bancroft Gardens

17th - Craft Workshops in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

17th – Story Stomp at Stratford library

18th – Secrets from the RSC Collection in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

18th – Rhyme Time at Stratford library

19th – Animal Magic at Stratford library (free but must be booked in advance)

19th  - School’s Out Summer at Stratford Garden Centre

19th – Story Time at Stratford Waterstones

19th - Bike maintenance workshop at Halfords (free but you need to book in advance)

19th – Redwings Summer Club at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Oxhill

22nd - 'Macbeth' at The Dell

22nd & 23rd - Stratford-on-Sea Pavement Art Workshop on the RSC Terrace

22nd - 'Raising Agents' at Foundry Wood

23rd - 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at The Dell

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