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My Party Box is a service that will completely theme the party for you in terms of the table, table gifts, balloons and party bags and put it altogether for you for however many children you have coming to your party and deliver it in a box! All come ready to lay out.


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Prices will be dependant on whether you require just the table settings (which does include a table gift and a balloon on a stick for each child), or whether you choose some of the addition items as well but the basic package will cost around £49.95 for 8 children. This also includes an additional gift for the birthday child. For the Frozen and Fairy themes the gift is a beautiful handmade peg doll.



Themes currently available include Frozen, Fairies and Princesses, Lego, Superheroes, Magic and Toy Story.

If none of these fit your requirements please ask and I will be happy to create a theme just for you. A bit of notice required.

Prices start from £49.95 for 8 children depending on the theme and this includes a table gift for each child and a balloon on a stick to take home.

All themes are "inspired by" and are created using I my quality paper ware where possible and totally unique designed gifts and sweetie cones. All additional items are handmade.

Take a look now and book your bespoke party with confidence it will look stunning!